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ITG has decided 4 business areas in the field of providing Learning Solutions in China. The models:

  1. ITG International Student Recruitment (ISR)
  2. ITG University Cooperation Program (UCP)
  3. ITG Finishing School Project (FSP)
  4. ITG Training Franchise Associate (TFA)
ITG International Student Recruitment (ISR)

ITG has invited Chinese students to its affiliated universities and institutions in India to study Computer Studies, Sanskrit, English, Business Management, Engineering, Software Engineering and other disciplines.

The facilities provided by the affiliated institutions of ITG are World-class. The hostels are equipped with internet, air-conditioners and all convenience that is accorded as per international standard.

ITG University Cooperation Program (UCP)

ITG has introduced the Indian Universities twinning model for the first time in China. The model helps Chinese students to complete the sun-rise degree qualification in Computer Studies, Software Engineering, Computer Applications, Computer Networks & Data-communications and many more from Indian Universities.

The model being implemented at Chinese Universities and Institutions of higher learning is spread in 2 phases.

Phase 1:
ITG introduces Twinning Certificate/diploma Course at a China University. As per the model the students are trained by ITG certified teachers in China at the university campus.  The students would be part of the 1+2 or 2+1 options of study. That is, the students would either complete 1 or 2 years in China and then proceed to an Indian University or institutions affiliated to ITG and complete the remaining term of the course. All successful students would be awarded a Diploma/ Certificate by the Indian University.

Phase 2:
ITG offers the degree graduation program of Indian Universities to Chinese students in any of the following models; 1+3 or 2+2 or 3+1 years.
The model would be introduced to all those institutions or universities in China which are authorized by the Education Bureau of the Government of the Peoples Republic of China. ITG has already introduced this model in Henan Province.

ITG Finishing School Project (FSP)

ITG has launched their own industry relevant curriculum at universities and institutions of higher learning in China. The Finishing Schools are ITG vocational Learning Centers set-up in China. The students get the benefit of the networking of the ITG EduTech for placement of jobs and Career Counseling.  The ITG Finishing School Project serves as the bridge between the haves-and-have-nots for the IT industry. The response for the project has been very encouraging from the institutions and the industry alike in China.
ITG EduTech welcomes Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning and Vocational colleges in China, to liaise with ITG Finishing School Project and benefit from the technical programs and unique methodology.

ITG Training Franchise Associate (TFA)

ITG invites budding entrepreneurs from China to invest in the tried and tested business model of ITG EduTech. ITG has a unique learning methodology and business model which the entrepreneurs can benefit from.

ITG EduTech would offer their Business idea, Teaching Methodology, Indian ITG certified teachers, ITG testing and Certification.

The budding ITG Franchisees/ entrepreneurs have to contribute infrastructure for conducting the IT and Software Training, Use local knowledge for business development, organize local staff and conduct business as per the guidelines of ITG Franchise operations.

The Training Franchisee Associates are open for all cities across China. All those interested should send their profile to

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